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Tips on Selling

Presentation is everything

You only sell once, so make the most of what you are offering.

Home buyers are attracted to clean, spacious and attractive houses. Your goal is to dazzle buyers. Brighten-up the house and remove all clutter from counter tops, tables and rooms. People are looking to buy your house, not your possessions.

Think of furniture as props and the room a stage. Move things around if you have to.

Scrub-down your house from top to bottom. Make it sparkle. Clean all the windows.

Peter Cullen and Sons Styling Your Home Advice

Simple aesthetic improvements such as trimming trees, planting flowers, fixing squeaking steps, broken tiles, shampooing rugs and even re-painting a faded bedroom will greatly enhance the appeal of your house.

Tell your agent about the local good points such as good schools or great restaurants.

Make sure your house smells good. Create pleasant smells such as baking bread, coffee and fresh flowers.

Peter Cullen and Sons Styling Your Home Advice

Invite a neighbour over to walk through your house like a buyer would. Get their opinion on how it "shows."

Be sure that the yard/driveway is uncluttered. Cut Grass, Power hose paths and driveways, Remove bikes, garbage cans and parked cars.

Peace and quiet is important so turn off the TV and music during visits by potential buyers.

Spell out the good everyday points such as low utility bills, extra cable TV connections etc. Point out security features such as window locks, spy holes etc. as this will make people feel safe in the home.

Peter Cullen and Sons Styling Your Home Advice